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Saks Potts - Fur Coat

Status: Offen ID: 54757313
Marke: Saks Potts Typ:

Fur Coat

Farbe: Beige Größe: S/M
Handelsarten: TrendsalesHandel
Erstellt am: 29.11.2017 10:20




Amber sampana  (Standardbenutzer)
Mitglied seit: 27-11-2017
Online: Nein
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  • Alvinaa 30-11-2017 14:35:33
    I could consider to sell mine. How much are you willing to pay for the jacket? There is no sign of use as I have only used mine one time.
  • Amber sampana   30-11-2017 14:37:06
    Hello, thank you for your reaction! If I see the prices of the other coats that are for sale I am willing to offer around 3000 DKK. Kind regards, Amber
  • Alvinaa 30-11-2017 14:43:51
    Okay thank you, however I am not willing to sell the jacket for under 3500 as the Price of the jacket was 7000 dkk :-)
  • Amber sampana   30-11-2017 14:44:59
    Okay, I understand but 3500 is to much because I also have to pay the shipping costs to Belgium... maybe 3250 DKK?
  • Alvinaa 30-11-2017 14:48:20
    Oh I see and of course I understand! But unfortunately my minimum Price is 3500
  • Amber sampana   30-11-2017 14:49:10
    Oh okay too bad! 3500 is too much :)
  • Alvinaa 30-11-2017 14:50:34
    Thats fine! :)
  • Amber sampana   30-11-2017 15:11:44
    I have sent you a private message!
  • Alvinaa 30-11-2017 15:29:38
    I can't see anything, But you Can e-mail me at :-)

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