Sony - Knowledge is Power (Nordic)
  • Sony - Knowledge is Power (Nordic)

Knowledge is Power (Nordic) (Anzeigen-ID: 54667288)

Go head-to-head against your friends and family in this quirky, quick-fire quiz game where all you need is a mobile, a TV, your PS4™ and a brain full of general knowledge, trivia, tricks and tactics…Part of the exclusive PlayLink for PS4™ range, Knowledge is Power challenges up to six brainboxes, bluffers and guessers to pick up a smartphone or tablet to swipe, type and tap in those all-important answers/random guesses.Battle to the top of the gameshow's Pyramid of Knowledge, answering questions on a wide range of categories. Vote for quiz categories in which you'll excel – or veto those you dread. Hurl crazy Power Plays into the mix to slow your opponents down – forcing them to tap through ice or rub away gunk before they can even answer.

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