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Stella McCartney - Edt Spray
  • Stella McCartney - Edt Spray

Edt Spray (Anzeigen-ID: 50011115)

Displayed bottle that I got in a authorized perfume shop. Fragrance smells good. Spray but no box. Bottle is used. Shipping daily from Spain. You shall get in your hands in about one week. (10 extra € to get in 48 h) I start selling, positives feedback will comes. Until then, you can check my profile in other websites. Professional seller.

Zustand: gut, aber gebraucht



Die Kombination von Farbe und Größe ist nicht vorhanden

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55,00 EUR

Du sparst 85,00 EUR 61%

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Feta08 How much is your minimum price all inclusive (shipping to Denmark)?

vor 2 Jahren

vor 2 Jahren


Minimum price is listed. Shipping cost is 23 € (not if you want a delayed delivery) + website fee + ... not that easy to sell

Feta08 Is this still for sale?

vor 2 Jahren

vor 2 Jahren


yes, it is

Feta08 Any possibility that you would sell it cheaper?

vor 2 Jahren

vor 2 Jahren


This business is not that easy. Pay fee to website, fee to get the money, shipping is not free, packaging, taxes, travel to get the ítem. I don't sell for loosing money

Grymmt Is the perfume sold?

vor 12 Monaten

vor 12 Monaten


not still

Feta08 And you still don't want to sell it a little cheaper?

vor 11 Monaten

vor 9 Monaten


never. do you mean the word "discontinued"?

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