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Stella McCartney - Edt Spray
  • Stella McCartney - Edt Spray

Edt Spray (Anzeigen-ID: 50011115)

Displayed bottle that I got in a authorized perfume shop. Fragrance smells good. Spray but no box. Bottle is used. Shipping daily from Spain. You shall get in your hands in about one week. (10 extra € to get in 48 h) I start selling, positives feedback will comes. Until then, you can check my profile in other websites. Professional seller.

Zustand: gut, aber gebraucht



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vor etwa einem Jahr


Less tan half a bottle 50 ml. About 20 ml. You can see in picture

Feta08 How much is your minimum price all inclusive (shipping to Denmark)?

vor etwa einem Jahr

vor etwa einem Jahr


Minimum price is listed. Shipping cost is 23 € (not if you want a delayed delivery) + website fee + ... not that easy to sell

Feta08 Is this still for sale?

vor 12 Monaten

vor 12 Monaten


yes, it is

Feta08 Any possibility that you would sell it cheaper?

vor 11 Monaten

vor 11 Monaten


This business is not that easy. Pay fee to website, fee to get the money, shipping is not free, packaging, taxes, travel to get the ítem. I don't sell for loosing money

Grymmt Is the perfume sold?

vor 3 Monaten

vor 3 Monaten


not still

Feta08 And you still don't want to sell it a little cheaper?

vor etwa einem Monat

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